Confessions of a Chronically ill..

Let me tell you, it is hard to live with a chronic illness like Lupus… While wishing that someone understands that, we also keep secrets really close to our heart… Things like we are sick and tired of our illness; we are afraid of making promises, we are not sure we can keep etc etc.. Yeah the list goes on…



Thank you..

Today, I want to thank everyone who was there for me in 2016, helping me to get through life and look forward to 2017. There were days where hopelessness plagued me; when I wondered why me and questioned everything happening to me. Only bright light on those days were my friends and family who stood by me.. Truly, I would not have reached where I am today bidding farewell to 2016, if you were not there for me.. So thank you for bottom of my heart!


Sickness Status Chart

Sometimes when people ask me how I am feeling, like all of you, I am at loss.. I normally answer with a shrug or say “as usual”, “I am okay”, I am fine” etc. But not all days are same. Some are worse, some better but how do you explain how you feel?

Here is an option you can look at! I found it today while browsing and could not help but share it! Thanks Beatrice the Biologist..


Yeah, I have Lupus..

Having a chronic illness also means facing innumerable questions, disbelief even when you answer  100% truthfully and judgement on so many occasions. Like me, all of you must be facing them and getting frustrated. I wish sometimes that I can put up a board with answers to some of those frequently asked questions!


If you are struggling…

Have you ever read something and felt that they are so meaningful to you? Or some of the words speak, right to you? Today I read the below and felt that way! Then I thought may be my fellow Lupies also will feel the same way… Feel your feelings, breathe and be gentle with yourself!


You are not obligated!

A lot of us feel that we have to behave like healthy people, doing everything in spite of what we go through on a daily basis. I think it is ridiculous! Well, we are not healthy! Yeah, if your health permits, do everything you like but not because others expect it from you. When you are not well, it is your right to take time recuperate – stay in bed, cancel those shopping trips, house cleaning, whatever! You may feel guilty about not being that superwoman or superman. But remember that your illness is not your fault nor did you chose to be ill. So, you don’t have to apologize for being ill!